Load King Voyager I Mechanics Truck

Click here to see a spec sheet for the Voyager I body. A more updated spec sheet with details on our new Stinger telescopic cranes will be available soon!

Custom Truck manufactures their own line of mechanics trucks, Load King’s Voyager® Series, a collection of specialized mechanics and service trucks, designed to serve an array of heavy equipment industries. Load King manufactures three options of service bodies: the under CDL Voyager I, the larger Voyager II and the Voyager P, specifically designed for propane markets.

The Voyager® I mechanic’s service truck boasts an 11’ HD galvannealed steel crane body with a master lock system. Lightweight, high-quality CTEC tool drawer sets come standard, as do unparalleled levels of coating coverage in the bed space. Load King’s inventive lighting and compartment designs offer superior compartment storage capacity and unmatched work area visibility.



Voyager I Mechanics Body Features:

  • Steel workbench bumper with receiver hitch, trailer plug, access steps and three-point access
  • Reinforced right rear crane compartment that transfers crane loads to the hydraulic stabilizers and the Voyager body substructure
  • 3 Point compression latches, stainless steel hinges and aluminum doors
  • Unistrut adjustable shelving system that includes infinite height adjustable 250 lb. capacity shelves
  • CTECH aluminum tool drawers in LV#1&#2 compartments and CTECH aluminum tool drawers in each horizontal compartment.
  • Steel compartment top that includes an integrated drip eve
  • Hydraulic in-out up-down rear stabilizers
  • Current product offering includes models for class 5 (Voyager I) and class 6 & 7 (Voyager II) mechanics bodies

Load King Stinger Telescopic Cranes Features:

  • Strong, robust, Load King Stinger telescopic cranes designed and manufactured at Custom Truck One Source
  • Current line up includes Models 6000, 7500 and 10,000.
  • Hydraulic extensions available that include 22’, 26’ and 30’ hydraulic horizontal reaches available on all Load King Stinger telescopic cranes
  • Hexagonal boom sections on all Load King Stinger cranes
  • Proportional, radio remote control with a radio elimination cable standard
  • Online E-commerce web site www.loadkingmanufacturing.com available that includes parts manuals and online ordering of Load King Stinger telescopic crane parts
  • Crane Service and maintenance available at all Custom Truck One Source locations throughout the United States
  • Single source provider that can provide a turnkey unit including a Load King Stinger telescopic crane, a Load King Voyager Mechanics Body, a Load King Hydraulic Compressor and an appropriate chassis all from one supplier, Custom Truck One Source