The Battle Motors Tractor boasts a robust design with a 129-inch wheelbase and a sturdy 28-foot frame structure. The vehicle’s front suspension is equipped with a 20k setup, consisting of four taper leaf springs and standard shocks with 10.25-inch sills, contributing to a smooth ride. The tractor’s battery box houses two 950 CCA batteries fitted with a disconnecting switch and a protective plastic coverlink.



Some of our favorite features are:

  • 129 wheelbase
  • 28’ frame stills
  • LNT crew cab w/ exterior Sunvisor
  • Front suspension: 20k, (4) Taper leaf, STD shocks, 10.25” sills
  • Battery box: (2) 950 CCA batteries w/ disconnecting switch, plastic coverlink
  • Rear drive axle & front steer axle
  • Back up alarm
  • Truck GVWR 33,000 lbs.
  • Front axle ground load: 13,471 lbs.
  • Rear axle ground laod: 2,995 lbs.
  • Total vehicle weight: 16,466 lbs.