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Knuckle boom trucks, also known as articulated boom cranes, are versatile pieces of heavy equipment commonly used in construction, mining, and transportation industries. These trucks feature a hydraulic boom that can be extended and retracted, as well as articulated at multiple points to reach high or hard-to-reach areas. With their impressive reach and maneuverability, knuckle boom trucks are often used for lifting and moving heavy objects, such as steel beams and concrete blocks. They also offer a wide range of benefits, including improved safety, increased productivity, and reduced labor costs. When it comes to heavy-duty lifting and hauling, knuckle boom trucks are a popular choice for businesses looking to improve their operations and boost their bottom line. At Custom Truck One Source, we have a variety of knuckle booms available to our customers for sale and rental.



Some of our favorite features are:

  • 11R22.5 Front Tires
  • 10K Front Axle, 21K Rear axle
  • 25,999 LBS. GVWR
  • IMT 12/86SL K3 Crane
  • Max lifting capacity: 9,789 Lbs.
  • Max lifting capacity at max horizontal reach: 2,293 lbs.
  • 420 Degree Rotation
  • Boom configuration: 3 Hydraulic extensions to horizontal reach 34’ 11”
  • Stabilizers: hydraulic extendable to 15’ 2”
  • 16’-6” x 96” structure line series flatbed