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The Load King LK-3DPT is a robust and high-capacity equipment designed for pulling and tensioning applications. With a pulling and tension capacity of 6,000 lbs at the top of the drum, it can handle heavy loads with ease. The infinitely variable speed feature allows for precise control, with a maximum speed of 5.5 mph at the top of the drum.



Some of our favorite features are:

  • 6,000 lbs. pull or tension capacity (top of drum) 5.5 mph
  • Light hydraulic tensioning mode for flying out ropes – 20 mph
  • Automatic drum tension recovery system
  • Drum will recover the rope as needed to maintain set tension (flying in or out)
  • Cab-operated drum engage/dis-engagement under full load – no touching drums
  • Air-actuated wide band style friction drum brakes
  • Hydraulic cab raise/lower with heat & air
  • 12” master touch screen to set and adjust the pulling force, speed & tensioning force
  • 25,000′ of 11mm (7/16″) hd anti-twist wire rope
  • 0.31 lbs./ft., 23,420 lbs. break strength, 3.55:1 safety factor = 6,597 lbs.
  • 173 hp t4f diesel engine