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The 4DPT-4K Four Drum Puller Tensioner with 23,000 ft. of 5/8 in. standard rope offers 4,000 lbs. of hydraulic pulling or tensioning force on a full drum, with three tensioning modes; including a freewheel helicopter mode rated for speeds up to 15 mph. The wide band style drum brakes and fine and coarse air brake controls provide controlled braking at high and low speeds without the heat and glazing issues seen with disk and caliper braking systems. A fully enclosed, climate-controlled cab, with 12 in. touchscreen, joysticks, and thumb controls offers the operator ease of control, pull/tension information, and safety not seen before in a 4 drum puller.


Some of our favorite features are:

  • Pulling and tension capacity of 4,000 lbs. (top of drum)
  • Infinitely variable speed, max 5.5 mph (top of drum)
  • Light hydraulic tensioning mode for flying out ropes – 20 mph
  • Automatic drum tension recovery system
  • Drum will recover the rope as needed to maintain set tension (flying in or out)
  • Cab-operated drum engage/dis-engagement under full load – no touching drums
  • Air-actuated wide band style friction drum brakes
  • Hydraulic cab raise/lower with heat & air
  • 12” master touch screen to set and adjust the pulling force, speed & tensioning force
  • 23,000’ of 5/8” Samson Tenex or Yale Pe12 standard rope per drum
  • 125 hp t4f diesel engine