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This electronic PTO powers the hydraulics used to operate utility equipment. Adding Lightning PTO to utility equipment allows a truck engine to only run during transportation between jobs, resulting in lower diesel emissions.



Some of our favorite features are:

  • Working Height: 60’ 
  • Side Reach of 42.8’
  • Material Handling Capacity: 1,500 lbs 
  • Bucket Capacity: 700 lbs 
  • Insulated, Articulating Boom 
  • Continuous Rotation 
  • 2 Man Bucket 
  • Start/Stop at Upper Controls 
  • 2 Sets of Outriggers

Featuring Lightning PTO:

  • Electronic PTO powers hydraulics used to operate equipment
  • Full, On Demand Engagement
  • Reduces Diesel Consumption / C02 Emissions 
  • Reduces Routine Maintenance 
  • Extends Life of Hose, O-Ring, Valves, & Other Components 
  • Decreases Wear & Tear of Engine & Exhaust Systems 
  • Jobsite Noise Reduction 
  • Meets Government 5-Minute Idle Restrictions