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Regular maintenance of your cranes ensures that they perform efficiently. When not maintained properly, they can lead to serious problems for your business. Cranes don’t last forever. Over time, you may have to either fix or replace crane parts to ensure they are in good working order. How do you decide it’s time to get replacement parts for your cranes? Below are some of the signs that you need to call a professional and get replacement crane parts.

1. You Keep Calling for Multiple Crane and Parts Repairs

What is one sign that it’s time to upgrade your crane parts? You likely need to get new crane parts if you keep calling for repairs. Crane parts are also susceptible to wear and tear; they will become damaged over time, leading to more tech calls. Repair costs don’t only add up, but you also increase your facility’s downtime when you perform repairs. Doing this repeatedly can cost your business a lot. It may be more cost-effective to replace the crane parts completely. Newer parts can perform efficiently, leading to more productivity in your facility.

2. Expired Warranties

Manufacturers give out warranties for the crane parts. The warranties are likely also the expected lifespan of the parts. Check them whenever you are having issues with the major components. Are they still under the warranty period? If not, it may be time to get replacement parts. Call a technician so they can determine whether you only need to fix the parts or get a replacement.

3. Accidents

In the construction industry, safety is paramount. When your crane malfunctions, you need to call a professional and have it inspected. If your crane regularly causes minor accidents, it may be time to get replacements.

4. Affects Productivity

Equipment acquisition can be costly. This is why you need to make sure it performs efficiently,  contributing to generating revenue for your business. When your cranes keep having problems while operating, you need to call a professional so they can inspect your machine. If you don’t do something, your business may suffer. It may be time to get replacement crane parts. Don’t compromise the efficiency of your business operation.

5. It Fails Inspections

To ensure safety, you need to evaluate cranes through AME, OSHA and CMAA standards regularly. Evaluation can detect early problems that may lead to accidents or serious monetary losses for your business. When your cranes fail inspections, it may be time to get replacement parts. A complete replacement may be what you need to keep cranes performing.

6. Cranes No Longer Meet Expectations

When using cranes becomes the most important activity, you need to ensure that they work efficiently. It’s time to evaluate whether your cranes can handle difficult jobs. Keep a checklist to help you determine whether it’s time to get replacement crane parts or not.

Use this:

Can it still lift 100% of your crane’s capacity, or has it decreased?
Would you need multiple cranes for the lift of is one enough?
Is it giving your workers problems or issues at work?

Contact a professional when your cranes no longer meet or exceed expectations.

7. Wear and Tear

One of the most obvious signs that you need to get a replacement is when your crane parts are damaged, broken or worn out. Regularly inspect your cranes so you can catch this problem and avoid other issues down the road. When the parts are damaged, you definitely need to get replacements right away.

Never Ignore Minor Problems With Your Crane Parts

Like all other machines or equipment, they may malfunction or cause other problems. Never ignore even minor issues with a crane as it may lead to costly consequences like damaged goods or major accidents. Get in touch with a professional immediately so they can assist you with replacements.

Why Crane Inspections are Important

Crane inspections test the functionality and safety of your cranes. You need this to ensure that you don’t encounter problems during operation. Inspections can detect problems that may lead to serious consequences. You need to get an annual crane inspection not just to extend the lifespan of your cranes but to keep your employees safe.

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