several boom trucks and truck cranes parked in front of an industrial building

A crane operator is someone that works with cranes on a job site. They do a variety of tasks to ensure things get built properly. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the requirements to become one.

Before becoming a crane operator, you must go through a certification process. To get certified, you’ll go through a course and learn everything you need to know about a specific type of crane. Upon getting certified, you’ll be ready to look for employment opportunities!

Keep reading to learn more about crane operator certifications.

What Does a Crane Operator Do?

As a crane operator, you’ll be responsible for inspecting and maintaining cranes. Aside from that, you’ll control them to place materials and equipment around a site.

Throughout the construction process, you must regularly perform safety checks to ensure that the crane is operating correctly. If you run into any issues, you’ll report them to the supervisor.

Whenever you move something, you’ll be responsible for recording the changes. This will make it easier to clear routes for other crew members.

During the crane operator certification course, you’ll learn about how to perform and read crane signals. With this knowledge, you can work on the busiest sites without any problems.

Skills Required

Operating boom trucks and cranes requires a variety of skills that many people overlook. However, employers will have you go through an application process to ensure that you’re capable of becoming a crane operator.

All construction workers must have dexterity, flexibility, and strength. They must also have good depth perception and reaction time. Without these, you won’t be able to do most construction-related tasks.

As a crane operator, you must have all of these skills and more. Unlike building supply workers or other crew members, you must have mechanical knowledge.

Getting Certified

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the organization that oversees job rules and regulations. They require crane operators to be licensed and certified before legally working.

They also require employers to thoroughly vet employees to prevent them from hiring someone without adequate credentials. As soon as you’ve received the proper certification for a crane, you can begin working after being evaluated.

If you look at the NCCCO’s website, you’ll find all the info you need about crane operator certifications. There are different certifications for things like mobile cranes, boom trucks, tower cranes, articulating cranes, and more.

All crane certifications require that you know how to operate a crane. Depending on the crane operator certification you want, you’ll learn about different things. You may learn about several types of cranes, but your course will focus on one.

The NCCCO’s website outlines all the necessary certifications for different crane operating roles. You can expect to take both written and practical exams.

The written exam will ask a variety of questions whereas the practical exam will require you to operate a crane. Both will have time limits and the practical exam will have a pre-test briefing so you can understand which tasks are to be performed.

All equipment used in a practical exam will replicate standard equipment used in the field. If you commit an unsafe act, you’ll automatically fail the exam. An unsafe act is anything that could cause damage to you, another person, or equipment.

Determine Whether It’s for You

If operating large equipment and playing a major role on a job site is something you want to do, becoming a crane operator can ensure you do that.

When it comes to deciding whether it’s something you want, consider all your options. If you don’t have time to attend school, you may want to look for another position. Keep in mind that a crane operator school will offer several classes so that you can fit them into your schedule.

Your certification will be renewed every few years, giving you plenty of time to think about whether you want to keep working.

Become a Crane Operator Today

Go to the NCCCO’s website and look at all their certifications. You can see what the processes entail so you can figure out which certification you want. From there, you can find out where to go to take the course and test.

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