Custom Truck One Source sells a wide range of hot sticks and dielectric tools for linework tasks, but to complete many of those jobs, utility professionals need attachments on many of those fiberglass sticks.

Most of these attachments perform straightforward tasks that are done at a safe working distance from the end user, which can be several feet, so simple functionality is a commonality between attachments. Custom Truck sells our own collection of hot stick attachments and those of other manufacturers.

Here is a look at the attachments Custom Truck makes:

Universal Switch Hook

The switch hook opens and closes switches, pulls fuses, and manipulates disconnects.

Universal Tie Wire Claw

Also called a “lineman’s hand” because of its shape, the universal tie wire claw can place tie wires around lines to secure line and utility components, as well as complete other tasks.

Universal Cotter Key Puller Attachment

There are attachments specifically used to pull cotter pin fasteners from the linework area.

Universal Cotter Key Tool

This attachment can be used for most applications involving removing, installing, or replacing cotter keys.

Universal Utility Head

This attachment also called an “alligator” or “gator,” allows the end user to quickly and easily place or remove circuit breakers, line hooks, blocks, and other hardware or equipment.

Universal Armor Rod Applicator

Also called a “wedding ring,” the Universal Armor Rod Applicator allows the end user to quickly and easily install or remove conductor ties and armor rods, which protect cables from bending, compression, and other hazards.

Universal Tie Stick Rotary Blade

The attachments allow the end user to work with most types of common tie wires from a safe, secure distance. Universal Tie Stick Rotary Blades specialize in removing ties without looped ends.

Universal Tie Stick Rotary Prong

This attachment is used to install tie wire and remove the wire with looped holes. The attachment’s swivel design allows the prong to undertake a full turn on the tie wire.


Custom Truck has hot stick attachments for sale as part of our overall assortment of hot line tools.


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