Overcenter Bucket Truck

When deciding on what type of bucket truck you might need for a particular project, it’s important to consider the demands of the job. Specifically, when deciding between an overcenter bucket truck versus a non-overcenter bucket truck, you need to take working height, side reach and other specifications into account.

Overcenter Bucket Trucks

Overcenter bucket trucks allow the operator to safely access hard-to-reach spots. These types of aerial devices usually have a working height between 35 to 55 ft. With maximum horizontal height capacity reaching around 50 feet, overcenter bucket trucks are ideal for use in landscaping, construction, forestry and other similar industries.

Compared to non-overcenter buckets trucks, overcenter bucket trucks provide greater flexibility. They add several more feet of side reach, which increases worker safety and ensures a more efficient movement. This type of bucket truck allows the operator to extend the lower and upper boom out vertically. This makes the truck perfect for applications where the operator needs additional maneuverability and added side reach, plus ground access in both the overcenter and non-overcenter position.

Overcenter bucket trucks work well in open or unrestricted construction and industrial settings. This is because the boom can move to several different working positions before the trucks needs to relocate.

Non-Overcenter Bucket Trucks

These trucks are largely suited for easily accessed locations that do not require jockeying or repositioning during service. Non-overcenter bucket trucks will articulate and extend to 180 degrees, making them a great truck for electrical work. However, you can reach to the side only as far as the length of the upper boom allows. This is one of the biggest limitations of non-overcenter bucket trucks.

You can find both overcenter and non-overcenter bucket trucks at any Custom Truck location. Be sure to browse our online inventory to find the right bucket that best fits your project. Our experts are only one call away if you need help choosing the perfect truck.