Hi-rail Track Inspectors spec 315 on F-350 extended cab

Railways require constant supervision and maintenance. Track inspectors, as the title implies, inspect railways for issues and errors that require correction. These people often hold a certification from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and many years of experience with railroad operations. The responsibilities of these inspectors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining detailed records regarding track conditions
  • Supervising functionality of signal crossing equipment
  • Submission of maintenance requests
  • Management of equipment and repair personnel associated with repairs.

Often, they will come across an issue that they can diagnose and handle themselves – assuming they are equipped with the right tools. It is for this reason that Custom Truck One Source (CTOS) includes the Spec 315 in our lineup of Hi-Rail vehicles.

Spec 315

Our 315s are light-duty Hi-Rail track inspectors that pack a punch. The standard build utilizes an extended cab F-350 as its chassis. Aluminum wheel modifications provide optimized ride stability. Upon customer request, we may offer crew cab variants.

The Track Inspector’s body features cargo space, an integral cab protector, and various compartments. Such compartments include:

  • Gas bottle compartment
  • Underbody box
  • Horizontal compartments
  • Long tool storage

The inspector may utilize hydraulic tools such as impact guns and rail drills via a 5/10 GPM tool circuit, which features a 50’ spring rewind hose reel and QD couplers.

A 12V 25-gallon spot sprayer allows the inspector to blast away debris and inspect rail conditions better or neutralize small fires.

CTOS also provides a myriad of options, such as:

  • A shunt system with in-cab switch panel, which allows the operator to raise/lower signal crossings at his/her discretion
  • A distance measuring device
  • A 2000-watt inverter that provides the operator with auxiliary power
  • A spotlight with radio remote control
  • A Robolube rail lubrication unit – a device that provides consistent grease application to the gauge face.
  • An aluminum body that maximizes payload efficiency.

CTOS consistently strives to provide its customers with streamlined products to aid them in their daily operations. We’re proud to include our 315 as one of those products. For more information, please click here.