The upcoming Waste Expo 2024 is set to be a crucial gathering for professionals in the waste management and recycling industry. Among the highlights of this year’s event is the significant presence of Custom Truck One Source, your one-stop shop for heavy equipment. With an increasing focus on sustainability and efficiency, Custom Truck is gearing up to showcase its latest electric offerings, promising a look into the future of waste management technology. 

Custom Truck’s Highlights at Waste Expo 2024

Located at Booth #3426, Custom Truck One Source will be a central hub for attendees interested in the latest innovations in waste management vehicles. The stars of the show will undoubtedly be our electric-powered solutions, designed to meet the industry’s evolving demands while addressing environmental concerns. Visitors can expect to see first-hand the advanced technologies that make Custom Truck a leader in the market. 

Electric Solutions at the Forefront

In response to the tightening emission regulations and the push for greener technologies, Custom Truck has been at the forefront of developing electric solutions for the waste management industry. Custom Truck’s partnership with Battle Motors offers an electric chassis option that’s available for a variety of applications used for waste and refuse activity. An additional highlight is the Lightning PTO (Power Take-Off) system, an innovative feature that allows trucks to maintain hydraulic functions with reduced diesel engine use, significantly cutting down on emissions. This system not only supports environmental sustainability but also offers enhanced efficiency for day-to-day operations. 

Marketplace and Auctions

For those looking to purchase or sell equipment, Custom Truck’s Marketplace and Auction offers a dynamic platform to do so. This online service facilitates the buying and selling of used and new equipment, making it a valuable resource for expo attendees looking to expand or update their fleets. 

Benefits of Attending for Businesses

Businesses attending the Waste Expo 2024 will find immense value in connecting with Custom Truck One Source. The expo serves as an ideal platform to explore cutting-edge solutions, particularly electric vehicles that can help businesses stay ahead in a competitive market. Engaging with Custom Truck can provide insights into customizing fleet solutions that align with business needs and environmental goals. 


The Waste Expo 2024 is set to be an essential event for anyone in the waste management and recycling industry. Custom Truck One Source’s booth is a must-visit for its innovative solutions that are shaping the future of waste management. Don’t miss the opportunity to see our latest electric offerings and learn how these technologies can transform your operations. 

For more information on Custom Truck’s electric offerings and to view detailed product pages, visit our website and explore the potential of electric solutions in waste management.