crane booms extended in the air, one holding a U.S. flag

4th of July is a day when we all take time off to celebrate the U.S. and its people.

The United States of America offers more opportunities and social mobility than any other country in the world. There are no class barriers, no caste barriers, no religious barriers, and we’re all free to live our lives as we choose. This is a rare and precious example of equality and personal freedom, and at Custom Truck One Source, we believe that each of us are honor-bound to preserve America’s greatness – not just today or tomorrow, but far out into the future.

One of the best ways we can contribute to our nation is to build and buy in America. Our choice – and it is a choice – to support American businesses and industries benefit our country, our community and us in more ways than we can imagine. For example:

We Keep America Independent

There was a time when the U.S. led the global marketplace. Today, our country is relying more and more on imports from countries like India and China, because manufacturing has gotten so expensive here. Recent politics and economic ties prove that we’re becoming puppets in the hands of foreign nations when we depend on them for goods supply. If more of us choose to buy America-made products, our industries can bring back the old glory days. And we can preserve our independence.

We Create Jobs for Future Generations

More manufacturing in the U.S. means more jobs in the U.S. And when more Americans resolve to buy U.S.-made goods, the more fillip our industries get to expand, build and create jobs that will help our children earn a secure living in the future.

We are Safe from Poor Foreign Labor Standards

There are more checks and balances in place in our country to protect consumers, and make sure our manufacturing is performing to federal and local government standards. Minimum wages are protected and labor laws are upheld stringently. But when we buy imported goods, we have no idea about the labor standards by which they were manufactured. We don’t know if child labor was involved or if the goods came out of a Chinese sweatshop. We have no clue how badly these foreign factories could be harming the environment. Our government cannot control foreign labor laws. But we can, by choosing to buy American. In such a scenario, foreign labor laws simply won’t impact our American way of life.

We are Assured of High Quality

We all know what `Made in China’ labels mean. It means the products are cheap and their performance is cheap too. In contrast, `Made in U.S.A.’ is a golden guarantee in itself that the goods are built to the highest quality standards. They may cost more than say, the Chinese version, but they will last longer and perform better.

We Help Reduce Trade Deficit

Our country is burdened with an enormous trade deficit, but we can lighten that load by building and buying on US soil and boosting our own economy.

A big shout-out to our subsidiary, Load King, a company that has emerged as a leading manufacturer of trailers and heavy equipment in United States. In the three years that Load King has been part of our Custom Truck family, the company has devoted itself to raising the bar on production quality and innovation in its field. And every product rolling out of the Load King factory is state-of-the-art – and of course, proudly all-American.


Happy 4th of July, friends! Let’s live and believe in America and keep our proud flag flying high!