worker cleaning the bottom of a rental track unit

Unit rental is a very common practice in most industries. Rentals are a great option when a job requires a piece of equipment not normally needed, or a different size/configuration of equipment that’s not available in the company’s fleet.

When a company rents a piece of equipment, they expect it will be in good working condition, clean, and safe. The following gives an inside glimpse into how our offices ensure that every piece of rental equipment remains safe and reliable for our customers.

Return of Rental Inspection

When a customer returns a rental unit, it goes through a full inspection. Technicians perform a “bumper to bumper” evaluation. They check everything from tires all the way up to buckets and cranes. This ensures the full piece of equipment is functioning properly. We also check the unit for leaks, broken windshields, dents, and anything else that would prevent the unit from properly functioning for the next renter.

mechanic working on rental bucket truck

Shop Repair

When needed, we send rental units into one of the repair shops to address any issues found upon return. This can be anything from a chassis-related repairs to hydraulic maintenance for a boom. Technicians will replace parts, if needed, ensuring the unit is going out to the next renter in optimum condition.

hood of bucket truck opened for repairs to be done


Renters often use our units in harsh conditions and terrains. Therefore, it’s important rental units go back out into the fleet, fully cleaned and free of debris.

As always, our units are supported by Custom Truck One Source’s 24/7 Call-In Center and our 26 locations coast to coast.