Supply chain problems are such a constant in the utility industry right now that professionals in the field are more focused on what they can’t get than what’s currently available.

In Florida and other southern states, where there is still significant recovery underway due to Hurricane Ian’s damage, you are also facing a shortage of transformers and pole hardware crucial to rebuilding.

This lack of supplies is in addition to the other challenges lineworker’s regularly face while waiting on a contract. Once selected, and likely expected to start a job immediately, you don’t want to be scrambling for the right tools, especially when winter weather delays are sure to cause additional obstacles.

Contractors can plan proactively to use this lag time to secure critical items such as stringing blocks for transmission and distribution rebuild. Custom Truck One Source’s Tallahassee location, at the gateway of the hurricane’s damage, has an inventory of distribution dollies and can supply single and bundle blocks into the Florida market as well.

We have solutions to your supply challenges in blocks, grips, tools and safety across the US in our multiple stocking warehouses.

Custom Truck’s creative solutions ensure you have the blocks you need when the job is started, even if you only get 24-hour notice.  Our expert team consisting of industry veterans Roland Thaggard, Maryann Spera and Trinia Dunn can help you size, plan, reduce capital outlay and optimize your spend so you can get to work and achieve your profit goals.

Find your blocks here or contact Maryann at 260-273-1273 or by email.