construction worker in summer heat

The weather can affect your crane’s operation — when the temperature hits below zero, some crane components can freeze, causing issues when you try to operate them. During very hot summers, a poorly maintained crane may be dangerous as well. Heat can also severely damage some components of  your cranes. It’s incredibly important for crane operators to properly take care of the cranes, especially in extreme weather conditions. In the summer, you need to take extra precautions to ensure safety at the site. Below are some helpful tips to keep your cranes running efficiently and safely.

1. Keep Them Out of the Sun

UV Rays don’t only damage the skin; they can also damage your cranes. When not being used, ensure that the cranes are safely stored out of the sun’s damaging rays. It can damage the crane’s seat and other components.

Keeping them in the sun for a long time increases the truck’s temperature, and then it may be too hot for your worker too. Find a way to store them out of the sun as much as possible to keep both your employees and cranes safe. Park the crane properly so it’s not directly facing the sun.

If it’s not possible to keep them out of sunlight, the best thing you can do is cover your cranes so they are not directly exposed to the UV rays. You may use tarpaulin as it is heavy-duty, fire-resistant and also waterproof. It’s very useful in protecting cranes during summer.

2. Periodically Check Components

Not all cranes are the same. Some of them have heat-resistant components, making them ideal for working with during summer. Other cranes are not made with these same materials. You need to cool your cranes first before operating them to ensure safety at the site. You can still work in extreme weather conditions so long as you implement the necessary cooling options.

3. Regular Inspections

Before using the cranes, ensure that all of their components are inspected properly, and that they’re safe to use. Crane operators need to check the wires, reservoirs, and hoses for wear and tear. They also need to make sure that the radiators are in good condition. Finally, the coolant levels and the hydraulic fluid should be checked.

When performing inspections, it’s crucial that the operator do it properly to ensure safety. Apart from daily inspections, it’s also important to hire a professional to inspect the cranes thoroughly. With professional inspections, problems are identified and resolved immediately. Let us know if you need help, as we can also provide crane inspections for your business.

4. Work With Trained and Certified Inspectors

When doing routine maintenance with your cranes, ensure that you’re only working with reliable and skilled inspectors. Ensure that they have enough experience and knowledge to do routine inspections properly. You need to hire an expert because dealing with cranes requires special attention and expertise. By working with an expert, you can assure workers that they will be safe operating the cranes.

5. Crane Operators Should Be Skilled

It can be difficult to operate cranes in hot weather. This is why workers should be informed of the potential hazard of working under the heat. Workers who don’t take breaks may have a heatstroke. Apart from wearing the appropriate clothing, they need also to wear sunscreens to protect themselves from the sun’s damaging rays. Drinking water will keep them hydrated, while frequent breaks reduce stress. Most importantly, your crane operators must know how to operate them to ensure safety.

6. Fix Minor Problems

If a minor problem arises while operating the cranes, call for help right away. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate to something bigger. You may compromise the safety of your workers when you don’t call for a technician to help you alleviate the problem. So no matter how small the problem is, it’s crucial that you call for help right away. Otherwise, that may lead to serious accidents or very costly consequences.

Additionally, make sure that your workers are aware of this and know who to contact when issues arise. Do this, especially when you’re using old cranes or when you fail to perform routine maintenance.

7. Ensure that the Crane Can Do the Job

Do make sure that the crane can get the job done. You can’t carry a 130-ton load when the capacity of your crane is only 75 tons. Before operating, you need to know what the job entails to avoid issues that may lead to emergencies or costly repairs. You may damage the crane if you don’t use it properly. Speak with your workers about this and make sure that they are aware of it.

Make Sure Everyone Knows These Safety Precautions

Those who own businesses should ensure that everyone is aware of the necessary safety precautions during summer. In addition, all crane operators must know how to properly take care of the cranes to avoid problems down the road. Keep in mind that issues that may arise due to crane failure and that may cost you a lot of money, but you can keep everyone safe so long as you adhere to the safety precautions we provided above.

Also, your workers should have the proper safety gear before operating the equipment.

Avoid Delays and Keep Your Equipment Running Efficiently

Do you need help with crane maintenance or with replacements? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help you maintain your cranes and replacements to keep them running smoothly. Custom Truck also sells cranes and other construction trucks. Get in touch with Custom Truck today!