Rail Car Mover

Kansas City, Missouri, September 18, 2017 – Custom Truck & Equipment, a Utility One Source Company, Rail Division (CTE-Rail), announces the premiere of their rail car mover, Workhorse X1. The newest addition to the product line, Workhorse X1 marks CTE-Rail’s expansion into the Railroad Maintenance of Way (MOW) marketplace.

“We’re very excited to start our move into the MOW marketplace with Workhorse X1, as this premier rail car mover allows us to offer diverse functionality to our clients,” said Bryan Boehm, President of CTE-Rail.

Workhorse X1, built on Freightliner 122SD Tri Drive, is highway-capable and boasts a large list of features for functionality and convenience. With a pulling capacity of 1,400,000 lbs and crane capacity of 3,130 lbs at 26’11”, this rail car mover lives up to the Workhorse name.

Workhorse X1 offers a robust Front / Rear Hitch system, using pneumatics to raise the coupler pin in preparation for coupling or decoupling. When coupled to a railcar, the rear rail hitch system uses two hydraulic cylinders to raise the attached rail car to maximize tractive effort on the rear bogie. The front hitch is also pneumatically actuated and controlled by the driver from inside the cab, using the control console.

The Workhorse X1 rail car mover boasts a bogie system that is optimized to provide a high level of reliable tractive effort while on rail and moving rail cars. The tractive force, created by hydrostatically driven rail gear bogeys provides hydrostatic braking when the unit needs to be stopped while on rail.

Additional features include a sled system that aids in optimizing weight distribution of the rail car mover based on operation conditions, a hydraulic pump drive, air brake system, sanding system, video feedback system, extendable mirrors, auxiliary fuel tank, 100-gallon hydraulic reservoir, programmable controller, event recorder, air knives and axle hooks.
Workhorse X1 also offers remote access diagnostics / troubleshooting, providing a simple means of connecting to the control system wherever there is internet or cell phone access, reducing the need to visit the unit’s physical location.

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