Load King 3 Reel Turret Wire Boat

The LOAD KING 3 Reel Turret Wire Boat is a custom-built heavy-duty wire boat designed for efficient wire handling. It features three rotating reel stands with manual locking pin locations, each equipped with 30,000 lbs. reels measuring 120″ tall, 90″ wide, and a 5″ arbor. The hydraulic raise and lower function of the fairleads provides precise control during operations. The power rewinder is complemented by 29″ bronze brake rotors and hydraulic brake calipers with a hand pumper and air-actuated braking system for enhanced safety. The trailer also includes 36″ niabar grate folding catwalks with hydraulic operation, contributing to ease of use. With a GVWR of 75,000 lbs. and a load capacity of 60,000 lbs., the trailer is supported by three 25,000 lbs. axles and two heavy-duty hydraulic front jacks. Measuring 42’6″ L x 102″ W, the LOAD KING 3 Reel Turret Wire Boat is a reliable solution for heavy-duty wire handling applications, combining robust construction with advanced hydraulic features for optimal efficiency.