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Cable Reel Trailers for Sale

Does your team work with electrical wiring or cables? Chances are, you need your supplies to run long distances during construction projects, road repairs, agricultural assignments and other jobs. It can be helpful to have equipment for hauling and storing heavy supplies — that’s why Custom Truck One Source is happy to provide new and used cable reel trailers for your applications.

Ensure wires and cables get to where they need to be without cutting corners. We sell economical solutions for your industry to keep your business profitable.

What Are Cable Reel Trailers?

A cable reel trailer lets your team transport large quantities of cabling. These trailers are engineered with durable frames so that you can move supplies without altering the attachment’s shape. Most new and used cable reel trailers enable you to coil and unravel supplies by employing user-friendly controls.

How Are Cable Reel Trailers Used?

Custom Truck One Source sees professionals in the telecom, construction and railway industries use our world-class trailers for a long list of projects. Our trailers are invaluable tools for boosting your efficiency, as you can stay organized and prevent cables from getting tangled around tools and similar equipment you need on-site.

Some of the most common uses for cable reel trailers are:

  • Running electrical cables underground for new structures.
  • Installing power lines in remote areas.
  • Setting up cable, phone and internet connections for homes and businesses.
  • Extending live power cables to heavy equipment during construction.

Why Customers Choose Us for Cable Reel Trailers

We get to know our customers before they make a purchase. We’ll listen to the fine details surrounding your job to suggest new or used cable reel trailers that’ll streamline tasks. Aside from having three decades of experience in the business, our team stands out by providing you with exceptional perks:

  • Ongoing support: We know questions can come up at any time. Custom Truck One Source has a 24/7 customer service line you can call to speak with a professional. Get to the bottom of your issue on the phone.
  • Remote site repairs: Tell us when you’re experiencing a problem with your cable reel trailers. We’re known for driving out to job sites when our customers need us. We’ll get your trailer working properly on a fast timeline.
  • Trailer financing: Not all customers can pay for the cost of a cable reel trailer out of pocket. Luckily, we offer in-house financing to keep your payments reasonable. Support your employees without breaking the bank.
  • New and used trailers: We make it simple to find cable reel trailers for sale. Get a brand new model from an industry-leading manufacturer, or save money with plenty of pre-owned options in excellent shape.
  • One-on-one assistance: Our representatives give you their undivided attention when you’re shopping for new and used trailers. We’ll provide you with details about weights, dimensions and features if needed.

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