Versatile, robust and powerful, all-terrain cranes are suitable for many jobs and industries. Custom Truck One Source offers all-terrain cranes for sale and rent from top manufacturers like Terex. Whether you’re shopping for new or pre-owned cranes, you can rely on our extensive inventory, quality equipment, and end-to-end servicing.

Why Should I Add an All-Terrain Crane to My Fleet?

You want the best bang for your buck, and an all-terrain crane can deliver. It might be the right crane for you if you’re seeking:

  • Highway readiness: All-terrain cranes can travel public roads, letting you save valuable production time and money on equipment transportation.
  • Versatility: An all-terrain crane fuses a rough-terrain crane’s sturdiness with enhanced mobility. This combination makes it ideal for industrial and construction projects both on and off the road, whether you’re taking on pipeline installation or HVAC work.
  • High lifting capacity and reach: Tackle heavy loads and reach new heights thanks to an all-terrain crane. These solutions feature load capacities of up to 130 tons and can reach up to 235 feet so you can handle any lifting job.
  • Efficiency: With integrated booms and public-road capabilities, all-terrain cranes make it easy to streamline your operations. When you can bring the solution you need from site to site, you can count on one investment for numerous tasks, complete jobs more quickly and stay cost-efficient.

How Much Does an All-Terrain Crane Cost?

An all-terrain crane often pays for itself with its superior utility, durability and efficiency. However, pricing is an essential consideration for any business. Your crane’s total cost may vary depending on factors like:

  • Sales tax
  • Titling and registration fees
  • Freight and delivery charges

At Custom Truck One Source, we help you maximize your budget. Our in-house financing solutions provide flexible payment terms of up to 84 months, giving you the equipment you need while fitting your cash flow.

What Makes Your All-Terrain Cranes for Sale Different?

Choosing a reliable provider is as important as finding the right crane. Custom Truck One Source combines a selection of quality all-terrain cranes with comprehensive, end-to-end support. We’re your one-stop-shop for any truck and heavy equipment need, including:

  • Remote customer support: We work around the clock to ensure you’re on the right track — our experts resolve most issues by the end of the call. If you need urgent work on your machine, we’ll connect you with the nearest full-service facility.
  • Equipment parts: Need replacement or additional parts? Our wide selection of equipment parts comes with overnight delivery options so you can get back to work right away.
  • Asset disposal: As your needs change, so do we. We’ll help you sell your used equipment so you can upgrade to the latest solutions.
  • Complete after-sale servicing: Our integrated full-service network ensures you have support anytime, anywhere. From customization to maintenance and repairs, we’ve got you covered.

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