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Bobtails, Bulk Propane Delivery Trucks for Sale

Propane gas is used for various purposes, from heating homes and cooking to operating industrial machines. Teams responsible for transporting propane need to ensure they have the resources necessary to get it from one place to another without leaks. Custom Truck One Source is your one-stop shop for bobtail trucks, or bulk propane delivery trucks you can rely on.

With our help, you can decide on the best new and used vehicles for short- and long-distance travel. Grow your business and make sure propane deliveries arrive on time with our specialty equipment for your industry.

What Is a Propane Delivery Truck?

Custom Truck One Source’s bobtail delivery trucks enable you to relocate large amounts of propane gas without taking multiple trips. You can take the fueling industry by storm with our new and used bobtails, capable of carrying tanks with as much as a 3,400-gallon capacity. We provide the technology you want with chassis brands and models that will last long-term.

The Need for New and Used Propane Delivery Trucks

Our staff is proud to work with companies in diverse industries. Whether you deliver propane gas to construction sites, residential communities, manufacturing plants or similar locations, we can help you operate more efficiently.

Your clients might require propane deliveries for:

  • Creating metal parts for cars, trucks and planes.
  • Drying agricultural crops for shipping.
  • Heating warehouse and storage facilities.
  • Powering generators and forklift engines.
  • Performing large-scale printing operations.

Why Shop Bobtail Delivery Trucks With Us?

The professionals at Custom Truck One Source have been serving teams in the oil and gas industry for over three decades. Whether this is your first time buying vehicles from us or you’re a repeat customer, we go the extra mile. We’re the first single-source seller of specialized heavy equipment and truck solutions, and we’re trusted by over 3,000 customers. Shop our trucks to benefit from:

  • Financing options: With our help, you can get equipment on a budget. Organize affordable monthly payments for your new or used propane delivery truck.
  • Generous call support: Custom Truck One Source has experts ready to take your call 24/7. Let us know when you’re experiencing an equipment issue, and our team will walk you through service solutions or visit you for repairs.
  • Dozens of locations: You can stop by our many convenient locations to see propane delivery trucks for sale. Ask us questions in person and make informed purchases as you grow your fleet.
  • Convenient services: Custom Truck One Source technicians listen to your equipment requests. We can customize your new or used propane delivery trucks for an additional fee.

Contact Us for a Pricing Quote Today

Custom Truck One Source is dedicated to supplying premier equipment for the oil and gas industries. Our selection of brand-name propane delivery trucks is unmatched. For pricing details regarding new and used equipment, reach out to our team to request a quote.