Terex General 65 Digger Derrick

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For transmission projects, utility contractors are looking for diggers with a sheave height of 60′ or greater. Terex’s General series consist of the larger diggers compared to Commanders. The Terex General 65 is the smallest of Terex’s General series. With dual cylinders, The General 65 can lift up to a maximum of 42,110 lbs. This digger has a sheave height up to 65.1′ and a maximum horizontal reach of 55.1′.



Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Redesigned – Lighter boom, Updated hydraulics
  • Highest lift capacity in Derrick Category
  • 65.1 Sheave Height
  • 49,990 lb Maximum Capacity
  • 24,920 lb Capacity @ 10 ft. Radius
  • 36.4 ft Digging Radius
  • Increased capacity for all boom angles
  • Reliability & Productivity with Standardized Full Pressure Hydraulics
  • Filament Wound Fiberglass Booms & Dual Lift Cylinders