Zeck 1800/14+7 31,000 lb. Puller Tensioner

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Custom Truck One Source has a wide array of puller-tensioners to choose from, with top manufacturers including Zeck, Condux Tesmec, Sherman + Reilly, TSE, and Wagner Smith. Tensioning capacities start at 5,600 lbs. and go up to 25,00 lbs. ZECK special purpose machines enjoy a top position all over the world, with the Zeck 1800/14+7  31,000 lb. Puller Tensioner being one of the first of its kind in the U.S.

Zeck 1800/14+7  31,000 lb. Puller Tensioner

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • 279 HP T4F Diesel Engine
  • 71” Bullwheels with 2.36” Wide Grooves (60mm)
  • Max. Speed Pull or Tension – 4 mph.
  • Max. Pull or Tension force (Single Bullwheel) – 31,473 lbs.
  • Max Tension Force Per Bullwheel (Two Bundle) – 15,737 lbs. per side
  • Minimum Tension Force ATS – 3,327 lbs. BW #1 – 1,574 lbs. BW #2
  • Minimum Tension Force SLTS (Smart Low Tension System) – 450 lbs. & 337 lbs.
  • Each bull wheel with planetary gear and hydraulic motor is completely enclosed
  • drive unit (highly efficient, minimal maintenance)
  • Each bull wheel with an automatically activated safety brake
  • Control of rope direction and rope speed (infinitely) by joystick
  • ATS, Automatic Tensioning System
  • PLC control for optimized productivity and safety
  • Clearly arranged control panel with color display for monitoring pulling and tensioning force as well as hydraulic, drive, and electric system with an intelligent diagnosis and fault recognition system
  • Weight – 32,000 lbs.