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Utility workers need a reliable digger derrick when digging holes for telephone poles. The Terex Commander 4047 digger derrick is one of our most popular diggers for that reason. With a 47.4′ sheave height, the C4047 digger can lift telephone poles or other materials up to 24,750 lbs. (reference loading charts before operating). The Commander 4047 diggers are available on a variety of chassis and models. Displayed on Battle Motors Electric Chassis, as a part of our EV line of equipment.



Some of our favorite features are:

  • Truck equipped with the Cascadia Motion Motor & 240kWh battery.  
  • Peak HP @ 500hp and Peak Torque @ 1700 ft lbs.  
  • Highway range of 130 miles, City Range of 100 miles.  
  • Direct mount pump for part commonization with a combustion engine.  
  • Utilizes standard J1772 CSS1 charge port.  
  • Uses approx. 2% of battery capacity to set up truck, dig the hole, and re-stow the unit and outriggers.  
  • Achieves full load chart capacity of the unit equal to a combustion engine style build.  
  • Short final truck length to aid in tight locations.