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Load King’s Voyager® II service truck features a 14’ HD galvannealed steel crane body with a master lock system and reinforced right rear crane offering 10,000 lbs. of rated capacity and 25’ of maximum horizontal reach. The Voyager® Series comes fully-loaded with high-performance standard features that offer significant payload savings and superior quality at a more competitive price. Our Lightning PTO powers the hydraulics used to operate utility equipment. Adding Lightning PTO to utility equipment allows a truck engine to only run during transportation between jobs, resulting in lower diesel emissions.




Some of our favorite features are:

  • 14’ HD. galvannealed steel crane body w/ master lock system & right rear crane mount
  • 6 recessed cargo tie-downs
  • 3 points of contact rear bed access
  • 10,000 lb. rating w/370-degree rotation
  • Four-section remote control valve
  • hydraulic overload shutdown system
  • Double-acting cylinders w/ integral holding and/or counterbalance valves


  • Full On-Demand ePTO Engagement 
  • Charges while engine is running 
  • Standard 110V charging outlet 
  • Full hybrid redundant system 
  • Standard telematics & reporting 

Featuring the Bergstrom eCoolPark 1.5

  • No-idle air conditioning system
  • Powered by the Load King Lightning E-PTO
  • The eCoolPark integrates into the existing vehicle HVAC system
  • Complies with all federal, state, and local idle and noise restrictions
  • Supports environmental sustainability efforts through reduction of vehicle emissions
  • Compact design
  • Keeps cab cool without running the truck’s engine


  • Integrated into the vehicle’s existing HVAC system
  • Integrated switch in the vehicle dash


  • Reduced engine wear and tear
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduced frequency of scheduled engine maintenance
  • Reduce the frequency of emissions system maintenance
  • Easy on the environment
  • Decrease engine run time resulting in significant fuel savings
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions with no-idle operation
  • Simple, flexible installation
  • Low system weight
  • Efficient operation with Load King E-PTO



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