Conceptual compass with needle pointing the word lease.

So, you’ve already made the big decision to purchase some heavy equipment, like a dump truck or roll-off, for your fleet. However, the transaction doesn’t end there. You still have an important decision left to make: should you buy or lease?

There are advantages to both options, but many people choose to lease their equipment. This could be for a number of reasons. For example: to save on up-front capital, lower their monthly payments, or remain more open to quickly upgrade to newer technologies as they become available. Once you’ve decided leasing is right for you, there are still a few different options available in order to best tailor your financing to your exact business and circumstance.

Custom Truck Capital (CTC) provides the flexible leasing and financing solutions businesses need to make acquiring equipment easy and affordable. Our team of finance professionals continuously work to deliver competitive finance structures to meet a variety of equipment needs and budgetary requirements. Here is a breakdown of some available options to consider.

Types of Leases

True Lease (Fair Market Value)

Best for customers that want use of equipment without ownership


  • Possible tax benefits
  • Flexible lease end options


  • Purchase equipment for the then “Fair Market Value”
  • Continue to lease the equipment with a new lease at a reduced rate
  • Return the equipment


TRAC Lease

Designed for vehicles in commercial use, offering customers the option to purchase the vehicles at a pre-determined price at lease end


  • Reduces uncertainty of a monthly payment, at an attractive price
  • CTC retains ownership of equipment, while customers benefit from use
  • Purchase the equipment for the predetermined “Residual Value” or return the equipment


Full Payout Lease

Best option for customers who want to own the equipment, but also want the convenience of making affordable monthly payments.


  • Predictable and manageable monthly payments
  • 100% Financing
  • Flexibility to add equipment during term



  • Title automatically transfers to customer at end of term.
Fixed Price Purchase Option (FPPO)

Option offering customers a fixed monthly payment, plus flexibility to purchase the equipment at end of the term for a guaranteed, predetermined amount.


  • Fixed, low monthly payments hedge against inflation and ease cash flow
  • 100% Financing
  • Return equipment or purchase equipment for a fixed price



In special circumstances that don’t easily fit within our standard lease products offered, CTC will work to customize finance structures like Skip, Step-up and Seasonal Payments to meet more complex equipment needs and terms based on very unique cash flow needs.

For more information contact CTC at 833-CTC-FIN1