It’s near the end of the year, which means it’s time to look at your budget and make sure you are well-stocked with all of the linework tools and supplies your crew could need in 2023.

Business for most of us isn’t down, and if you look at North American infrastructure spending trends, it’s better to plan for work to continue to grow if you’re entrenched in the utility industry.

Increasingly inconsistent storm seasons, a rise in transmission work and more stringent vegetation management practices are additional reasons to consider having more on hand than less.

Some of your loftier projections could come to fruition, and Custom Truck One Source’s inventory can handle almost any utility tool request.

This is the time of year to purchase the big-ticket items you might have shied away from earlier in the budget cycle. If you’ve got extra to spend and you can see the need for an upgrade on the horizon, don’t wait for inflation to correct itself, and get those products now.

Custom Truck has refreshed our website’s tooling page, giving you access to our wide range of power tools, such as battery-operated cutters and crimpers from brands like Milwaukee, Burndy, Greenlee and Huskie.

If you’re interested in stocking up on lineman hoists, we have several types of those as well, by Columbus McKinnon, Lincoln and Lug-All.

Availability of rubber goods has been an issue for a long time so why not get ahead of it and purchase now.  We have plenty of inventory to help you get prepared.

Our inventory hasn’t struggled during the supply chain challenges, and Custom Truck has an especially full stock of hotline tools. Not only are we a distributor of major brands, but we make our own as well.

Check out the wide selection in our updated  linework catalog, displaying our line of stringing blocks and dielectric tools.

You can also buy these tools from us in bulk, cutting your costs in the long run with savings on both shipping and the number of deliveries to put away throughout the year.

Call us at 800.252.0043 for special year end pricing on select hoists and rubber goods.