If your business frequently moves full or empty containers, you understand the importance of using the right equipment to ensure you complete every job correctly. Container handler trucks offer maximum lift potential for any job to boost productivity and your bottom line. Get the job done right at your port or rail yard by exploring the many benefits of a container handler truck today! 


What Is a Container Handler? 

Container handlers are specialized forklifts that efficiently stack containers, even when heavily loaded. Since container handlers perform by using precise movements, they offer a variety of functionalities and features that complement many different jobs. Each container handler includes components built to maximize efficiency, ergonomics and safety, which are vital to their overall design and usability. 


How Do Container Handlers Operate? 

There are two varieties of container handlers available for workers to utilize. The first is empty container handlers, which offer improved maneuverability and stability. Since empty container handlers often feature hydrostatic load sense steering and power shift transmissions, they offer quick and efficient operation regardless of the stack height. 

Most empty container handlers utilize a torsion-resistant frame made with high-tensile steel to provide longer service life. Site managers can even opt for double stacking handlers to stack two containers simultaneously. 

The other variety is the full-capacity container handler, a high-performance machine that relies on power and visibility to stack empty containers with greater precision. A full-capacity container can lift cargo weighing up to 43 tons and clear 5 feet of vertical height. Container handlers are, also, ideal for situations that require single-row stacking, loading or unloading. 


What Are Container Handler Trucks Used For? 

Container handler trucks can benefit a wide variety of businesses due to their high degree of efficiency, safety and precision. Using a container handler results in minimal operating costs due to their efficient speeds and long service life. One of the main uses of container handler trucks is to remove and efficiently store empty containers to create more space in a warehouse or loading dock. Similarly, full-capacity containers make organizing and distributing heavy loads easy. 

Investing in a container handler truck offers excellent value and increases the efficiency and productivity of your business. These machines are designed for optimal operator comfort and feature ergonomically designed cabs, which translates to less driver fatigue and improved business results. 


Benefits of Container Handler Trucks 

Using a container handler truck for your business offers many benefits, such as: 


Double Container Handling 

If you choose an empty container handler, your workplace will have the option to move two containers simultaneously so your drivers can complete more work in a shorter amount of time. Since the same truck can perform single and double container handling, your drivers can complete jobs without altering plans based on available equipment. Even if your operations only require moving one container at once, you will benefit from the durability of equipment that can transport two units at the same time. 


Enhanced Visibility 

Many container handler trucks also feature various cabin options to provide better driver support. For example, a cabin may tilt back a certain degree to make it easier for operators to look up. Since these resources are designed with the driver in mind, many businesses find that using a container handler truck results in substantial improvements to operational efficiency. 


Operator Comfort 

Container handler trucks feature designs that help operators find an ideal position by adjusting the seat and steering column and changing the truck parameters. Many cabins also include a multifunction joystick for ergonomic steering. Since most handler trucks are built to run quietly, users remain comfortable while performing tasks with this equipment. 


Toughness and Power 

Container handlers can accommodate heavy weights to help offset loading and achieve speed and power in every lift. Due to the high strength of the system, the container handler truck can safely move loads of up to 11 tons. The durable design enhances structural stability and improves chain life for lower costs and reduced employee downtime. 


Accurate Handling 

Many container handlers feature full-electronic inching and smooth shifting to improve load handling. Greater handling accuracy helps drivers achieve high productivity levels even when stacking multiple containers. 


Using Container Handlers With Other Waste and Refuse Trucks 

Garbage collection has undergone many changes throughout time. From the early days of trash bags to today’s hands-free, less labor-intensive solutions, it’s clear that the garbage industry is continuously improving. 

However, even with the creation of specialized trucks to service the garbage industry, there is still a gap in trash collection roles and a pressing need for a separate unit to pick up and empty containers. Today, the use of container handlers in garbage collection is becoming more common to accommodate this need. 

Container trucks are ideal in missed truck situations, where if a trash truck fails to empty some containers, a container delivery unit can grab the receptacle and empty the contents. Container handlers can also benefit from waste and refuse operations because they can hold damaged waste containers for assessment, raising them and rotating them to expose any rust or holes on the bottom so workers can perform a repair. 

The container trucks in container delivery units are essential to improving the efficiency of the entire container transport process. When using container handlers, it becomes easy for operators to pick up and place front and rear garbage containers, allowing waste and refuse trucks to complete their tasks efficiently. 


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