What Is a Rotary Dump Truck? 

A rotary dump truck is a type of hi-rail vehicle with 180-degree swiveling capabilities, making it a crucial part of construction fleets. Rotary dump trucks feature rotating dump beds, allowing them to deposit materials in several directions while remaining stationary. Their standard wheels and flanged steel wheels enable them to travel along both highways and railroad tracks, transporting materials to and from various job sites easily. 

Rotary Dump Truck Capabilities 

Rotary dump trucks are unique because of their features. A rotary truck’s special design equips it with the following capabilities: 

Swiveling Abilities 

Because of their swiveling mechanism, rotary dump trucks can transport and deposit gravel in any direction without the truck body moving. A rotary dump truck can deposit materials on remote job sites while it remains on a track, making it an efficient and flexible vehicle. 

Special Traveling Capabilities 

Rotary dump trucks can easily access railway job sites for the most efficient performance on these projects. Their flanged steel wheels can deploy when necessary and allow them to move along railroad tracks smoothly. 

Rotary Dump Truck Applications 

Rotary dump trucks are perfect for railroad applications because of the flexibility of their dump beds and their modified wheels. You can use a rotary dump truck for the following applications: 

  • Gravel deposit 
  • Site Remediation 
  • Bridge work 
  • Diamond/switch removal 
  • Culvert work 
  • Emergency response 
  • Demolition 
  • Grade stabilization 
  • Rail washout repair 

Railroads and bridges require maintenance, but standard construction vehicles cannot reach these locations easily. A rotary dump truck’s flanged steel wheels grant construction workers easier entry to these job sites. 

Rotary dump trucks are incredibly useful when crews need to perform washout repairs or grade stabilization. When heavy rain or flooding removes land and gravel from beneath railroad tracks, a crew can replace the lost material using a rotary dump truck. They can also deposit materials to create grade stabilization structures, preventing erosion. 

Crews can use rotary dump trucks to deposit surfacing materials along railroad tie beds and carry materials away from railroad job sites. This ability makes rotary dump trucks especially useful for site remediation because construction crews can use them to remove contaminants from railroads. 

In emergency situations, a crew can use a rotary dump truck to carry emergency-response equipment to remote incident locations. Crews can also use rotary dump trucks to remove debris or harmful materials from an incident scene if necessary. 

Why Are Rotary Dump Trucks Important? 

Rotary dump trucks are essential for fleets because of their flexibility and expanded transportation capabilities, especially for surfacing gangs. Since they can travel along highways and railroad tracks, crews can utilize them for various projects on different types of work sites. You can use a rotary dump truck to transport material to and from a location with or without railroad tracks.  

Custom Truck’s Spec 760 Rotary Dump Truck 

Custom Truck One Source offers the Spec 760 rotary dump truck for construction and railroad fleets. This reliable construction vehicle allows crews to carry and deposit materials on the rails and at other types of job sites. The spec 760 rotary dump truck offers the following features: 

  • 180-degree turntable for dump body rotation 
  • 14-foot dump bed 
  • Hydraulic operation and proportional dump controls 
  • Streetside drop-down ladder 
  • Manual or hydraulic rail dogs 
  • Electric-operation tarps 
  • Fixed or drop rear apron with fixed side plates 

Rent or Purchase a Rotary Dump Truck From Custom Truck One Source 

Rotary dump trucks are beneficial for several types of construction jobs, and they are especially crucial for railroad construction and repair applications. Crews use rotary dump trucks to travel to and transport materials across railroad tracks, accessing railways more efficiently. 

Our rotary dump bed’s swiveling capabilities help crews deposit materials along railroad tracks. At the same time, the vehicle remains stationary, giving workers the versatility needed to work with a wide range of projects, materials, and job locations. Custom Truck offers the Spec 760 rotary dump truck to provide crews with reliable transportation and dumping capabilities. Request a quote from us today to rent or purchase a Spec 760 rotary dump truck for your next job.