Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

Load King’s Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailers are engineered and built to be durable and user friendly. Life expectancy exceeds other manufacturers far greater due to engineered safety factors and innovative design features. Load King truly cares about customer satisfaction and that shows with loyal customers coming back year after year. Load King takes pride in extensive, innovative features developed for hauling the most weight safely and efficiently.

Folding Gooseneck Trailers

Load King won Patent of the Year in 1966 with the innovative design of the first ever E-Z Fold Mechanical Folding Gooseneck Trailer and has continued to innovate and improve this design since. With thousands of working E-Z Fold and Power Fold trailers in the field, Load King remains the proud builder of the most popular Folding Gooseneck Trailer in the industry. Load King reduces weight by welding the linkage to the front of the deck instead of the top, eliminating binding. This is just one of the many ways Load King designs the most innovative trailer with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Rail Trailers

Railroad contractors and railroad carriers utilize Load King rail trailers in an industry dominated by large pieces of specialized Maintenance of Way (MOW) Equipment. Specialized equipment benefits from having a specialized trailer. Load King rail trailers are designed specifically to haul such equipment as the detachable gooseneck is equipped with a set of inlaid rails. By dropping the trailer, large MOW equipment may be winched on to the trailer straight from the rail, eliminating the need for heavy duty crane rentals.


Bottom Dump Trailers

In 1960, Load King introduced the industry’s first Bottom Dump trailer. Building on the original concept, Load King has developed an exceptionally durable trailer that has proven itself as the best value in the industry. With a lift expectancy far beyond the industry standard, Load King prides itslef in the most cost-effective investment with the Originator Bottom Dump.

End Dump Trailers

Load King’s End Dump trailers are manufactured in lengths from 28′ to 35′ and are constructed of hard-ox with front and rear tailgates. The tub on the Load King End Dump is of two-piece construction, unlike our competitors that have a vertical seam every eight feet. Your Load King End Dump can come equipped with either a manual or an electric tarp option, giving you the ability to customize your trailer for your exact needs.

Custom Hauling Systems

Load King’s Custom Trailers and Hauling Systems are engineered and built with safety and productivity as the leading factors. Because the Heavy Haul industry is ever-changing, Load King is committed to initiating advancement through ongoing research and development to stay one step ahead of the industry requirements.

Tag / Tag & Tilt Trailers

Innovative design features and production standards is why Load King has long been a leader in the construction trailer industry. The Load King Tag & Tilt line incorporates features such as low deck height, adjustable suspension, pierced beam construction, and many more to provide you with a trailer that will exceed your needs. When considering safety, quality, and overall dependability, Load King goes beyond the industry standard.

Pole / Reel Trailers

Load King’s Pole Trailers and Reel Trailers are the latest in innovative engineering. Designed to meet requirements with the most cost-effective solutions, Load King manufactures three different models of pole trailers carrying payloads from 8,500 lbs. up to 19,000 lbs. Additionally, the all new Reel Trailer is designed for a 120″ x 60″ reel with a payload up to 8,500 lbs.


Rigid Gooseneck Trailers

The Load King Crown Series family is engineered for quick and easy rear-loading of equipment up to 50 tons. Innovative rear ramps make loading and unloading equipment easy. The Load King Crown Series also keeps your load height at the absolute minimum with a lower than industry standard deck height. Built with Load King quality, the Crown Series is a cost-efficient way to safely move your equipment. With optional gooseneck and beavertail styles available, you can haul motor graders, dozers and even paving equipment.

Specialty Trailers

Load King strives to meet customer demand and sometimes that demand comes forth in unique circumstances. Load King has begun engineering and manufacturing their latest innovation with the off-road extendable trailers, which include the extendable track trailer and the flotation tire trailer. Both trailers are designed for some of the toughest jobs with rough terrain and otherwise hard-to-reach places.

Trailers For Sale

New Trailers for sale at competitive prices

We have a comprehensive range of high-quality trailers for sale on our website, including flatbed trailers, lowboy trailers, flatdeck trailers, gooseneck trailers, dump trailers, and custom hauling systems. Whatever you are looking for, we can supply you with the trailers you need. We cater to many different industries in the U.S. and Canada, and you can find forestry trailers for sale and heavy-duty rail trailers for sale on our website, as well as trailers for many other specialized applications.

Please use the quotation request form online or call us at 844-822-5581 if you would like a price and further information on any of the new trailers for sale on our website.


Why are you called Custom Truck One Source?

In addition to the new trucks and new trailers we sell, we offer a full range of support services to our customers in North America. These services include customizing trucks for specific purposes, rental services, remanufacturing, asset disposal, and the maintenance and repair of trucks and trailers across the continent. With dozens of locations and a team of highly motivated technicians, we’re able to provide a level of customer service that other suppliers simply can’t match. The reason we are called Custom Truck One Source is because you can rely on us for all of your truck and trailer needs — you’ll never have to deal with another supplier or service provider again.

Do you have any small trailers for sale?

We stock a full range of new trailers for trucks of all types and sizes. If you are looking for a specific type of trailer for a small truck and cannot see what you need on our website, please do not hesitate to call and ask for help. We will be more than happy to show you the trailers we have that meet your needs and provide competitive quotations for any models you are particularly interested in. In the event we cannot find one that meets all of your needs, we’ll be delighted to prepare a quotation for the building of a custom trailer especially for you.

Do you sell a full range of trucks or just trailers?

We cater to organizations in many different industries across North America. We have new trucks and trailers designed to meet the needs of the forestry industry, rail industry, utilities, and telecommunications industry companies, among others. If you’re looking for forestry industry, rail industry, utilities, and telecommunications industry companies, among others. If you’re looking for forestry boom trucks, bucket trucks, and chip trucks, you will find a wide selection on our website. If you need dump trucks, grapples, or roll-off trucks, we have the best models currently available. With trucks from the best truck manufacturers and trailers from the best trailer manufacturers, you won’t need to look anywhere else — Custom Truck One Source truly is the one-stop shop for all your truck and trailer needs.

Can I rent trailers from Custom Truck?

Yes. In addition to the wide range of new trailers for sale on our website, you will also find a great selection of rental trailers available for weekly and monthly hire at very competitive rates. Our trailers include flatbed trailers, lowboy trailers, flatdeck trailers, gooseneck trailers, dump trailers, and custom hauling systems. Our rental fleet is maintained in excellent working order by a team of thoroughly trained and experienced technicians — ensuring that they are always in excellent condition when they arrive on site. We also provide a very efficient maintenance and repair service to all our customers, including our rental customers, so you will never be left with an unusable trailer when you choose to rent from Custom Truck.

What sets Custom Truck apart from other truck and trailer companies in the U.S.?

In our opinion, the main difference between other companies and us in the same line of business is that we are truly dedicated to providing you with the level of service you deserve. This isn’t just marketing speak — check out some of the testimonials we have received from happy customers over the years, and you’ll quickly see that we mean what we say. We always listen carefully to feedback from our customers and adjust our services to meet their changing needs. You can call and speak to us if you want to find out more about our services or check our FAQs for general information.