The uncertainty and backlogs caused by the supply chain are going to remain an unwelcome business companion for longer than anyone wants to believe.

There are innovative ways to save money we’ve learned from these challenges, though, and Custom Truck One Source is helping customers get creative in shipping and ordering stringing blocks to avoid workflow-killing delays.

One of our partners has even found out how to create more space in a truck.

New shipping allows Custom Truck One Source and our partners to double the amount of bundle blocks sent per truckload. There is now the capacity to send 72 bundle blocks at a time.

Thanks to this innovation, the days of needing two truck shipments for orders of 36 to 70 bundle blocks are over, saving the potential problems that can arise during a two-truck delivery, from delays to needing an extra staff person to wait for separate drop-offs. And now our customers have one less thing to worry about during a complicated transmission-stringing job.

Meanwhile, Custom Truck also offers 22-inch bundle blocks, a smaller solution to the more common 28-inch bundle-block sets more commonly offered in the utility industry.

Smaller blocks aren’t just cheaper per unit. They weigh less and don’t take up as much truck space as their 28-inch counterparts, which can make 22-inchers a more attractive option.

Additional bonuses with this equipment: Some linemen also claim to prefer 22-inch blocks because of their easier-to-manage size and weight, and 22-inch blocks can also pull 795 wire, giving them additional versatility.

Custom Truck’s creative solutions team ensures you have the bundle blocks you need when the job is started, even if you only get 24-hour notice.

Our expert team consisting of industry veterans Roland ThaggardMaryann Spera and Trinia Dunn can help you size, plan, reduce capital outlay and optimize your spend so you can get to work and achieve your profit goals.

Find your blocks here or contact Maryann at 260-273-1273.