PowerTraxx PT15 Steel Tracked Aerial

Ineffective heavy machinery is never ideal. But during the winter, the consequences are even more dire. Ice makes roads slippery, drivers in extreme weather are endangered, and work is much more difficult. However, with steel tracks, conducting work is a whole lot easier and safer.

Steel tracks are great for year-long work, but are especially beneficial for the winter. So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover some of the many benefits of using steel tracks in the winter.


Slippery and icy surfaces are common during the winter months. So drivers need to make sure that their vehicle is ready to handle the safety risks of frosty roads. To do this, vehicles should have steel tracks for incredible traction.

Even on wet, slippery surfaces, track-mounted vehicles can drive steadily with minimal risk of slipping themselves. With so much weight to support, this benefit is crucial for the safety of everyone off and onboard the vehicle.


Steel track options are some of the most durable material choices out there. This is going to be important for operating the vehicle safely. Extreme weather conditions, rough terrain, and frequent use necessitate vehicles to be tough and resistant.

For work during extreme weather conditions, this is essential. Without immense durability, it’s hard to depend on machinery’s dependability, especially when it comes to worker safety.


As opposed to other materials for tracks, steel is very malleable. This is a huge benefit for track irregularities, allowing the material to cleave to the track and avoid producing too much tension.

Not only is this great during vehicular operation, but it’s good for repairs too. Steel can simply be hammered into place before drivers can use their vehicles again.

Fewer Repairs and Replacements

Both advantages mentioned above provide another benefit — less frequent repairs and replacements. It’s not ideal to save money at the expense of quality. But in this case, quality ensures that workers and their companies can save money on operational costs.

Not having to conduct frequent repairs and replacements also saves time. That means more time can be spent working, which keeps project progress timely. All this results in more time producing revenue instead of sacrificing it for the sake of repairs.

It also makes winter work a lot more efficient. Otherwise, more frequent breakdowns can slow down work during days with predictable weather.


In general, steel tracks for vehicles are more affordable. For drivers and/or companies that want to reduce costs, this is an important factor. Drivers can still use vehicles that are safe and efficient by choosing steel material for their tracks.


Track systems with steel can use the heavy weight of the material as a counterweight. When working with harsh ground conditions, this benefit is essential. It will prevent the engine from getting overworked and prevent machinery from getting worn down.

Maneuverability on Rough Terrain

Maneuverability is crucial for off-road work since off-road terrain is typically less predictable than regular roads. For this reason, drivers will want to use tracks instead of wheels.

Tracks can maneuver rough terrain more easily than wheels can. Wheels can handle tough terrain too but tracks can move through spots where wheels may get stuck. Continuous treading also allows tracks to cross ditches, overcome bumpy obstacles, and even go up and down stairways.

Steel tracks will allow drivers to handle different hindrances posed by rough terrains. Purely wheeled vehicles may be able to handle similar tasks, but doing so will add a lot of pressure and strain.

Weight Tolerance

Industrial vehicle operation often calls for heavy weight loads. For that reason, vehicle options with high weight tolerances are ideal. Tracked vehicles can do that better than wheeled vehicles can due to their weight distribution potential.

Wheeled vehicles will distribute weight over small points in the vehicle, while weight will distribute all across a vehicle’s track surface.

Tracks made of steel are also superior for this benefit. Other materials such as rubber do not distribute weight as evenly as steel does.


As opposed to other materials, steel doesn’t need as much maintenance. This is highly beneficial for keeping in line with projects and saving time. Not having to conduct maintenance can also cut down on overhead costs.

Which PowerTraxx Vehicles Can Do the Job?

PowerTraxx manufactures plenty of vehicles with steel tracks for chilly roads. At Custom Truck, we have a plentiful selection of PowerTraxx vehicles that can offer every benefit above.

Such vehicles include the PowerTraxx with Terex General 65, which offers great lifting and load handling capability. But opt for the PowerTraxx PT15 with TL100, and drivers will enjoy a machine with aerial technology too. Trailer drivers will enjoy an upgrade to the PowerTraxx TT15, which is a tracked trailer that’s perfect for transporting materials through rough, frosty terrain.

There are plenty of options for those interested in upgrading their machinery. Making the switch to tracked vehicles with steel material can help drivers and/or companies experience long-lasting quality while saving money and time.

Steel Tracks for High-Quality Industry Work

Tracked vehicles manufactured with steel ensures safe and efficient work during the winter. Whether your business is in forestry or construction, consider steel tracks for great machinery that won’t threaten overhead costs. After you do, you’ll experience smoother labor and transportation.

Custom Truck offers some of the best trucks and heavy equipment on the market. From our dump trucks to cranes, we provide quality and functionality that industry professionals trust. So if you need heavy equipment and/or trucks, contact us today!